Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Athens Day 10 - Kentimata Katerina & a return to the Stitchy Shop

Weather on our last day was amazing. We set out to Kato Patissio on the metro in search of a shop that sold embroideries.
At Monastiraki station, waiting for the train to Kifissia. Excellent signs that tell you everything you need to know in Greek and English.
Getting better at taking selfies!

Mind The Gap! (I imagine this in the same voice as on the London Underground)

Arrived at Kato Patissia.

Valentine's seemed a big thing, but only in florists and bakeries. I didn't see any card shops in all my wanderings.

And then we found Kentimata Katerina - a shop I  had seen advertised in one of the crafty magazines. It was full of completed embroideries, all household linens and soft furnishings as is common in Greece. When we got there an older gentleman was minding the shop. He did not speak any English but called his son Nico, who spoke a little English, to translate. When Nico arrived he advised the shop was his mother's and that she would be along shortly.

 Many gorgeous embroideries were laid out for our admiration by the owner Katerina. There were modern pieces and some old pieces - I could understand "antica"

On the way to other stitching shop we came across an abundance of taxi showrooms. Who could have imagined you would need so many places selling taxis in one city? And all on one street? But this is typical of Athens, shopping is a little like a game of snap, find one shop of a kind and you are sure to find a similar shop within a short walk.

Interesting statue found on the way to the other stitchy shop.


Small cars are very popular in Athens, particularly Smart Cars. And even if it isn't a Smart Car,  you do see some very "smart" parking.


And some vehicles that shouldn't even be on the road.


Some awesome graffiti, making use of a hole in some plasterwork...


and turning it into a beautiful bird.

A half completed apartment block co-opted by a scrap dealer. Each balcony level had a different collection of car parts.

Interesting architecture.

 Amazing doorway.
Finally we arrived back at the stitchy shop I had found on Day 8 and this time I took some pictures of the inside to share with you all. 
DMC threads of various kinds, and some ready made items like tablecloths and towels.

Stitch band of various kinds


Anchor and DMC cottons

Fabric to drool over, here is the owner cutting some red/natural gingham for me.

And an amazing collection of various bands of fabric, mostly linen or evenweave, and in the most glorious colours.

More smart parking.

And a Smart Car that's had smarter days.

An ancient Opel Kadett, in 70s orange.

Gorgeous skies and some quirky places on the way back.

View from the roof garden.

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