Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Greece again, in May and with family!

Ruins and a stray cat (maybe more than one) under the Acropolis Museum

Hadrian's Gate

The Temple of Zeus

Parthenon from the Temple of Zeus

Close up of one of the few remaining columns at the Temple of Zeus

Parthenon in the distance


Street dogs at the Temple of Zeus

Very colourful 2CV

Just odd, sometimes Athens is very odd...

Beautiful pedestrianised street leading to the main tourist district from the Temple of Zeus

Tired out Tom

Feral cats and kittens living in a derelict building around the corner from the apartment.  As you can see they were being fed and there was a catch and spay programme in place but these ones were elusive and hence kittens!

Tom at the Parthenon

Chynna on top of the world

Tom on a viewpoint overlooking the Theatre of Dionysis

Looking up at the Erechtheion


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