Thursday, 10 May 2012

Photo Friday 4th May - Downward

Almost too late to post this... 
Taken from Floor 14 of Churchill Plaza, looking downward...

Friday, 9 March 2012

Third WIPocalypse update of 2012

This is the only project I've worked on lately and I think it might be the only thing I work on until it's finished... unless I change my mind.


Monday, 27 February 2012

Halfway through the Stitch-a-thon

And here's an update to Earth Dragon. Hoping to get this page finished before the end of SAT and hopefully some progress on to the next page.

Cupcakes if you dare

Cat baked for FVK when she found out Llz Bellz had a b-day on 23rd Feb. She took them along to the gig at Theale Green School on 26th February.

I baked a red velvet cake for Macmillan Cancer Relief - we had a coffee morning at work to officially launch it as Barclays Corporate Churchill Plaza's Charity of the Year - the cake sale alone raised £240 - total was over £2000 that day from our office building

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Fearless in a church in North London

Alan, Cat and I took a trip on Wednesday evening to St Luke's Church, Holloway, North London to see Fearless Vampire Killers again. This time they were doing an acoustic set supported by a couple of bands we hadn't seen before - Tin Soldiers and Hearts Under Fire

Here is someone else's video of the night, sound quality varies unfortunately but shows off the unusual location

Tin Soldiers: 24 Hours

Hearts Under Fire: It's Not Me, It's You

Fearless Vampire Killers:

An awesome night out was had by all. 

Monday, 13 February 2012

Cat's artwork scares me sometimes

This is my dear daughter after she's photoshopped her self portrait for her art GCSE. I wish I could do photoshop like this. In the original she's not a ghostly pale colour, covered in blood, make-up run or bruised. Her eyes are naturally green.

The image is (c) C. Wilde 2012 - if you're interested in her work or want to know more about commissions then leave a comment and I'll pass it on to her to answer

Saturday, 11 February 2012

WIPocalypse - 2nd Post of 2012

There's been a little bit of stitching this month, but mostly it's been month of finishing already stitched items into somethings. My pile of FUPs (Finished Unfinished Projects) is slowly going down... and my finishing skills are slowly improving too.

Earth Dragon by Cross My Heart


Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Finishing Frenzy - 13th Project

Another finished project waiting to be made up... I was feeling uninspired with this one for a few days so I left it on the sideboard with the fabric and waited for something to happen...

This is what happened...

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Photo Friday - Tall

Taller than a double decker bus - and not really crooked!

New to me stash..

Every once in a while I wander down to my local charity shop (Helping Hands Tadley) and donate some goodies we no longer need, want etc - I keep a bag and fill it over a period of weeks then off we go in the car.
Of course I can never resist browsing - and this time I found some fabric scraps (though to be honest they are quite large pieces) that will be great for my finishing frenzy this year - my favourite is the far right aqua & white print but I can see all of them being used somehow :)

Flowers from work

For my birthday - thanks guys :)

It was Wicked!

No really it was... Alan took me to see Wicked! at the Victoria Apollo Theatre in London.
Totally awesome show and highly recommended if you get a chance to see it. 

Not many picks but here's the stage with the awesome Dragon at the top, representing the Dragon Time Clock that features more in the book.

We stepped out of the theatre about 10:30pm to this - a snow-covered London - and a chilly, slippery walk between theatre and underground, underground and hotel. It was beautiful though.

Awakened early in the morning - well 9am - with an announcement that the "staff were investigating an alarm condition but no action was necessary yet" - we wandered down for a lush buffet breakfast: fruit salad, organic yoghurt, cooked breakfast, juice & coffee.

By lunch time we were back on the train to Basingstoke and on our way home. There wasn't very much snow at home, but took this pic from the window of the train as we zoomed through the countryside.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Birthday Treat - Dr Huge (lots of pics!)

Having wandered and wondered all around the National Gallery, the next stop was Olympia 2 for the Doctor Who Experience (known as Dr Huge in our house, not sure why). On the way into the experience there are lots of models, figures and memorabilia to check out:

First up are some Silurians (Homo Reptilia) from the 2010 story "The Hungry Earth"

We couldn't take any photos in the Experience, and to be honest it was more aimed at younger kids but did like the 3D short film towards the end and the tardis that moved and shook as you stood around the console was pretty cool.

On the other side loads more memorabilia - David Tennant's PJs

The costumes from all 11 Doctors - this is the 1st - William Hartnell (1963-66) - unfortunately it's only a replica as the original has been lost

2nd Doctor - Patrick Troughton (1966-69) - this one is also a replica as the original has been lost

John Pertwee (Dr Number 3) (1970-74)

4th Doctor - Tom Baker (1974-81)

5th Doctor - Peter Davison (1981-84)

6th Doctor - Colin Baker (1984-86)

7th Doctor  - Sylvester McCoy (1987-89 & 1996)

8th Doctor - Paul McGann (1996)

9th Doctor - Christopher Eccleston - 2005

10th Doctor - David Tennant - 2005-2010

and the 11th Doctor - Matt Smith (2010-now)

The Face of Bo

A Tardis console

A Time Lord

Kylie Minogue's costume from the Christmas Special 2007

Amy Pond (Karen Gillan)

Donna Noble (Catherine Tate)

Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman)

Rose Tyler (Billie Piper)

Captain Jack Harness (John Barrowman)

K-9 (my personal favourite)

The Tardis Console (from 1983-89)

Police Box (I think this is an older one from the 1980s)

Now on to the baddies and the uglies!
Davros - creator of the Daleks

A rank of different Daleks, oldest on the left... I can't remember the details but there have been many dalek incarnations.



The Tardis console from the story "The Doctor's Wife"

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