Wednesday, 26 April 2017

I got out to a gig!

Suffered for it the next day but it was so much fun. It was at the O2 in Islington and my daughter arranged the tickets for me.

The line up was Biomechanimal, Army of the Universe, Will Control & Aesthetic Perfection.

Now if you've never heard of any of those it's fine, but I have wanted to see Aesthetic Perfection for some time.

Chloe, Me, Cat

Me & Sarah Kawaii

Me with Crilly from Ashes to Angels (he joined Will Control, playing keyboards for this tour)

Me with Will Control

Me with Ian MacWilliams from Will Control

And finally with Daniel Graves from Aesthetic Perfection.

At this point I was in serious pain and high on pain killers in order to keep standing but even big girls have to fan girl once in a while...

Last day - Zabbar, Marsaskala & Marsaxlokk

Our last day in Malta and after the previous eight days of activity we wanted an easier one so explored Zabbar where we were staying and then took a bus back to Marsaskala & Marsaxlokk.

The flags were out as the next day was Easter Friday and they take Easter, Catholicism and religion seriously in Malta.

I wondered if the driver of this car thought he would only get into a little bit of trouble if he parked only part of his car in the "Reserved for Police" bay?

All the police stations we saw had these old fashioned blue lamps outside.

Three men whiling away the afternoon on the dock of the bay.

Someone who actually managed to succeed at something they saw on Pinterest?

We met a man walking 5 teacup chihuahuas. Cat was clearly smitten.

And this little pup was very happy.

Fisherman mending nets on the harbour side in Marsaxlokk.

Street art.

Beautiful ironwork and distressed decay was everywhere on Malta.

More preparations for the Easter celebrations.

A lot of the houses had Easter displays in their windows.

Marsalforn & Scuba Diving

Marsalforn is a small town around a quiet bay. There wasn't an enormous amount to see here, we mostly took it easy as we knew that we would have a hectic afternoon with the scuba diving.

It was a beautiful day.

All kitted up and ready to go. I am wearing about 20kg of equipment in this picture and whilst I'm smiling it was uncomfortable and my back was grumbling all the time. It was great fun and I wasn't particularly good at it - hampered by a mask that didn't fit well so kept filling with water but I did enjoy and would like to try again in warmer water as the cold caused me to ache a bit and I had to give up in the end and plead exhaustion.

On the way to the ferry back to Malta main island we saw this half a house... the whole side was missing as the property next door had been demolished.

There was chaos at the ferry port, we missed one ferry, the departure terminal was packed and we had a taxi booked to pick us up the other side. Luckily we let them know we were catching the next ferry.

Beautiful sunset as we arrived back in Cirkewwa - this picture really didn't do the colours justice.

The ferry left 30 minutes late so there was some anxious moments as we wondered if the taxi was waiting but it was. 

Comino and The Blue Lagoon

We had planned two days on Comino and Gozo. Comino for one day then on to Gozo to stay overnight and scuba diving the next day. So after almost two hours on travelling from Zabbar to Cirkewwa we arrived at the ferry port for our boat ride to Comino.

This was our ferry to Comino. I was expecting a bigger boat! 

Comino Tower - we planned to visit once we docked.

Beautiful coastal caves and rock formations.

First glimpse of the blue lagoon.

No editing, it really is this colour.

This is the tiny beach at the Blue Lagoon - this was far from peak season so I cannot imagine how awful this place must be when it is really busy.

This is the old cholera hospital - we wanted to explore more but the four permanent residents on Comino live here.

I did however take the time to sit on the rusty cannon in the courtyard.

We then climbed a little further up the hill to Comino Tower.

Fabulous views from the top!

Me sat on the edge of the cliff enjoying the gorgeous scenery.

Cat sat in the same spot as me.

After a tiring day we headed on a boat to Gozo and a taxi to Marsalforn where we were staying for one night. 

Cat found her idea of heaven, a cafe that sold only sweets!

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