Saturday, 5 April 2014

Athens Day 11 - Changing of the Guard & Amalia Gardens

The blog post for my last day in Athens has been a long time coming.

 Another beautiful sunny morning and the glorious view from the hotel window.

 Found this quaint church tucked under the corner of a modern building. I think it was a museum rather than a church now but amazing that it has survived under the 1970s concrete monolith above.

 So tempted to ring the bell, but somehow think that might have gotten me in trouble!

 More artwork on shop shutters.

 On to the changing of the guard at the Parliament building near Syntagma Square

 The guards are called Evzones, they are often selected for the Presidential Guard during basic training as they need to be 1.86m (just over 6'1" tall)

 They are wearing the winter uniform of Navy Blue, the summer uniform is light khaki.

 They perform the standard steps but in a slower and more stylized fashion.

 After standing out in the sun on what felt like a warm English summer day we went to Amalia Gardens next to the Parliament building to find some shade.

 Caught a glimpse of the Evzones heading back to their barracks after the changing of the guard.

 Notice on the gates of Amalia Gardens, glad we visited this time as when we go back later in the year they will be closed to the public to keep out protestors during the Greek presidency of the EU.

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