Monday, 17 November 2014

I'm sorry I've been absent so long..

There were some quite huge family issues going on which seem to be getting better slowly so I'm taking a step back for my own health. With fibromyalgia I have learnt that I must respect and listen to my body as it has limitations now that I didn't imagine I would have.
I've been on two amazing trips, to Malaysia and Singapore and later to Athens which I haven't put the photos up but I will do that once I get the energy together to sort them out. I'm returning to Athens again shortly I hope as the warmer weather does help my fibromyalgia a lot.
I've been stitching on the days that my medications and pain levels allowed and have accomplished far more this year than I thought possible and have only 5 works in progress. Hard to believe that at one point I had 53!
I've bought back lots of good stash from my trips abroad, always make an effort to find something hand made, a stitchy shop and something crafty made in the country I am visiting.
I've also been given the craft goodies that belonged to Alan's mum, Lorna, and have been slowly working my way through unpacking these and putting them into my own collection. Lots of looks like it was packed somewhat carelessly or hurriedly. I am about half way through but being careful so nothing gets ruined or wasted.
The house and the garden both need some attention and I'm looking at getting someone in to help with the cleaning and someone to clear the garden.
Be back soon with another update and more information on Ancestor #1 Cecil Bertram James Hook including some photos that I was sent by my Auntie Pat.
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