Friday, 24 June 2011

Magicas Puntadas SAL - Part 6 completed

I've completed the 6th instalment of this SAL now. Can't wait until the next part is sent out on 10th July, the design is really coming together and the colours are "popping"!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Stitchy Mail: Kit a Freebie Exchange

Yay! I received my package from Kristen today!
I got a groovy piece of orange evenweave, a dmc thread and a Needle Necessities thread to stitch this cute pumpkin (you can see part of the chart in the photo) - I love it!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Friday, 17 June 2011

Liquidity: What does SUCCESS mean to you?


1. Hitting my stats in my job.
2. Keeping my portfolio of customers happy
3. Rebuilding Cross Stitch Crazy as a community
4. Being a great help-mate to Alan in building his career

In five years time?

1. Opening "Sew Stitchy" the bricks & mortar shop
2. Both my children going to university
3. Being fitter and healthier than I am now

Liquidity: All of this has been leading up to

"What is my purpose in life?"

I want to run a cross stitch shop. Now I have to work out how to do it. I know I can't afford to quit my job right now but I can make steps towards realising my dream.

Research the costs

Discuss with Alan what it might mean to both of us

Build up the website in the meantime - tutorials & information pages

Get the payment module working correctly

Produce free designs

Produce my own design line

Add existing stock to the site

Marketing through magazines


Facebook page

Research new stock lines

Liquidity: What would I like my

Obit to say about me?

That I was a good mother, preparing my children for life, supporting them when needed but allowing them to develop as individuals

That I was a good partner, a help-mate, supporting Alan's ambitions and dreams

That I whatever I did, I always tried my best even if I didn't succeed

That I ran a fabulous needlework & craft shop there was bringing cross-stitch in particular to lots of new people and encouraging new designers and artisans (fabric & thread dyers)

Liquidity: What 3 things...

would you do if you won the lottery?

1. Build the house of my dreams (probably somewhere warmer than the UK)

(I have a thing for wrap-around porches so it might look something like this one!)

2. Travel - I have a long list of exotic places I want to visit (I could do this whilst my house was being built)

3. Open my Cross Stitch Shop

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Liquidity: What do you consider essential ...

for you to do in your life?

That's a big question - I guess I have to work and do a good job as I get a great deal of personal fulfillment from that. I know the job I'm in right now doesn't suit me but that doesn't stop me doing my best in that role.

I think even if I didn't need to work, I probably still would as the idea of being a stay at home, or lady who lunches would just bore me stupid.

I'd love to do a job that I love, and I like meeting people so my ideal job would involve interacting with customers on a face-to-face basis.

The other essential for me is to be creative - I love making things, I like crafts and hope one day to have a craft room (when my daughter moves out, her bedroom is to become my craft room if we are still in this house - the room is only small -almost 7' by 9' - but it would be my special space)

My ideal would be to combine the two, my job and crafting.

I'm a people-pleaser, I work best in a positive environment - one where my efforts have been recognised and rewarded. I think the only way I'll get that is if I am my own boss!

Magicas Puntadas SAL - Parts 4 & 5

This week is Stitch-a-thon week over on Cross Stitch Crazy and I've been doing my best to contribute. It helps that I'm signed off work with my shoulder as I've worked out I can stitch using just my right hand if I use my floor stand.

I completed Part 4 about a week ago but didn't take a picture until today:

And I finished Part 5 yesterday:

I'm really enjoying this and for the first time I'm keeping up with a SAL or almost :) Now I just have to get part 6 and complete it by 10th July.

Friday, 3 June 2011!

And the pink bow on the top just sealed the deal! This is my very own car. It's an automatic, done 70,000+ miles, is 12 years old, not been parked with the greatest of care in it's life... but she is all mine.

Now she just needs a name... Suggestions welcome.

Thursday, 2 June 2011


Started the day at the Jane Austen Centre with a talk followed by tea and cakes in the "Georgian" tearoom on the top floor.

A Bath Bun in Bath, and a delicious slice of lemon drizzle cake - very naughty but nice!

Me, enjoying my Jane Austen blend of tea

Cat, having enjoyed her Curious Cola - which tasted just like fizzy cola bottle sweets and not that much like Coke

I put this pic in just because it caught us both at just the right moment!

From the Jane Austen centre we walked South to the Pump Rooms (a social highlight in the Georgian era) but as it's been turned into a restaurant we didn't go in. It was next to the Roman Baths but that was left for another trip when we'll take a dip. This little piggy was found outside Bath Abbey - he's called "Sulis" - more about King Bladud's Pigs can be found here

These two handsome chaps were pulling a carriage, you could pay a princely sum to tour the city the old-fashioned way - we didn't but did admire them from a distance

Hehehe.. now if I ever ran a bar, I'd have called it Fubar!

The Pulteney Bridge over the River Avon - small shops line either side of this bridge

I didn't make a note of the name of this pig - but he was at the Assembly Rooms

Inside the Assembly Rooms, one of the great social arenas of Georgian Bath. Dances would be held here for the great and the good. In the basement of the Assembly Rooms is the Museum of Fashion which was full of gorgeous and quirky clothes from the 1600s onwards but most of the pics came out blurry :(

Outside one of the most prestigious addresses in the UK - Royal Crescent, Bath - there was this tasty little number. Always had a thing for sporty ones!

And on the way home the bridge was up over the Kennet & Avon canal, I have only seen this up a couple of times before and this time we had a camera to hand.

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