Sunday, 23 April 2017

Mdina, Rabat & Dingli


Older yacht in Valletta harbour

There are lots of steps in Malta, some of the pathways are just beautiful.


The gate at Mdina, used as the King's Landing Gate in Game of Thrones...

In Mdina we found the Mdina Dungeons Museum, with a notice to say some of the exhibits might scare those of a nervous disposition so of course we went in...

And found some of the weirdest and funniest waxworks...

The expressions on their faces were quite amusing.

This poor guy had just had his hand chopped off.

I put Cat in the stocks.

This guy reminded me of a washed up Sylvester Stallone, maybe it's just me?

Narrow alleyways

We wandered into Saint Paul's Cathedral in Mdina - it is stunningly beautiful

Particularly liked this marble skull in one of the grave markers in the floor.

Beautiful ironwork.

We headed to the neighbouring town of Rabat and found this gorgeous little church.

Down more skinny alleyways...

And down into the catacombs.

And on to the Catacombs Museum where you can see the catacombs through the floor.


And this poor chap having a lengthy snooze

Some of the spaces are very narrow so I don't recommend this for the claustrophobic. Some of the corridors were only 50cm wide.

This is a doorway between two parts of one of the catacombs. It's not quite 1.5m high.

Afterwards we headed to Dingli Cliffs - one of the highest points in Malta.

Thought about getting Cat to stand on this overhang to have her picture taken without telling her. Thought better of it...

Sadly by this point I was absolutely cream crackered so we didn't stay long.

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