Sunday, 23 April 2017

Cats, Chickens & the Birgu Flea Market

There are quite a few stray cats in Malta. On several occasions we saw people feeding them, and none of the ones we saw looked in poor health. There is a spay/neuter and release programme in at least some areas. 

We saw all these cats on the way to the Birgu Flea Market on Sunday morning. It starts at a ridiculously early time - people set up at 5am and it starts at 6am. Arrive at 10am and you'll find most of the stall holders have packed up and gone home. Probably for a well deserved nap.

A man feeding his chickens in an alleyway.

And at the flea market were these original 70s fabrics. I bought 2 metres of one of them because why not? I wish I could have bought more or even all of it but had no idea how to get it back to the UK.

And this dog wins the award for the weirdest looking dog I've seen this year. He had the strangest coat.

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