Wednesday, 26 April 2017

I got out to a gig!

Suffered for it the next day but it was so much fun. It was at the O2 in Islington and my daughter arranged the tickets for me.

The line up was Biomechanimal, Army of the Universe, Will Control & Aesthetic Perfection.

Now if you've never heard of any of those it's fine, but I have wanted to see Aesthetic Perfection for some time.

Chloe, Me, Cat

Me & Sarah Kawaii

Me with Crilly from Ashes to Angels (he joined Will Control, playing keyboards for this tour)

Me with Will Control

Me with Ian MacWilliams from Will Control

And finally with Daniel Graves from Aesthetic Perfection.

At this point I was in serious pain and high on pain killers in order to keep standing but even big girls have to fan girl once in a while...

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