Saturday, 5 March 2016

Good Morning Athens!

First morning in Athens and I decided to explore the roof terrace whilst Alan popped to the bakery to fetch breakfast. The first thing I see is this very funky staircase - I love the rainbow to heaven.

Panoramic picture from the rooftop. In the middle you can see Lycabettus Hill - the highest point in Athens. About three-quarters of the way across you can see the Parthenon on the top of the Acropolis.

Lycabettus Hill - the is a gorgeous and rather expensive restaurant at the top of this hill. You have to go up to the top on a funicular railway which has a sound & light show about the history of Metaxa (Greek alcoholic drink similar to brandy). If you budget stretches to it, definitely worth booking a table to see the sunset.

Zooming in on the Parthenon at the top of the Acropolis.

The lift in our apartment block is very "jukebox".

A Vespacar utility truck - not sure I've ever seen one of these before, this one has definitely seen better days!

Fabulous street art - the writing is literally on the wall.

Sad part of the day - we went to the nearest metro stop - Victoria. The square above the station is full of Syrian (and other nationalities) refugees begging for food and money to continue their journey in Europe. There were easily a couple of hundred there today including some very young children. Do not believe what you hear/read in the news, they are not migrants, not mostly young men too cowardly to fight or seeking handouts in richer countries. They are desperately afraid families trying to do their best for their children.

A spanking new metro train, not sure I've ever seen one as clean as this. They are usually covered in graffiti from end to end.

The Parliament building in Syntagma Square

The road outside the Benaki Museum was closed, usually that means a protest will be marching through, and sure enough I could hear a man using a megaphone and  a chanting crowd just around the corner. There are often protests in this area as it is very close the the Greek Parliament.

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