Saturday, 4 January 2014

I sucked at blogging last year...

But it wasn't all my fault. I've been unwell. The final diagnosis is that my back is a mess. I had an MRI done and it shows I have no disc left at all at L5/S1 and only a fragment of disc at L4/5. I am due to have steroid injections into my back to see if it will help, with physio to follow up. I was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia - widespread chronic pain in muscles, joints and nerves. All told I've been put on some funky drugs and I've not been at work since mid June.
Here's a round up of a few pictures I didn't get around to sharing with you all...

My lovely daughter Cat modelling the Harley Quinn costume that I made for her.

A picture of the make up she did for the Halloween party she went to

And Charlie dog isn't very well so he's sleeping beside me, but here's a picture taken in October when he was full of beans

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