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Copenhagen November 2013 (lots of pics)

Alan was training in Sweden for ten days and then scheduled to go to Copenhagen for a course immediately after. As he was going to be away 14 days, he offered me the chance to spend four days in Copenhagen with him. The only catch is that he was arriving in Copenhagen from Sweden across a huge bridge and I'd have to get to the airport and fly to Copenhagen alone, but he did book for me to have special assistance from SAS.

Here I am waiting for my flight at Heathrow. Both SAS and Heathrow were excellent, as were National Express. Not a great pic of me but does show off my Halloween hair.

On the plane waiting to taxi

I got there successfully and met Alan at Copenhagen airport. We went to our hotel Scandic Hvidovre.

Two pics of Tivoli gardens from the outside. Tivoli is an amusement park in central Copenhagen that opened in 1843.

I don't know what building this is but love the colours so took a picture from the bus on the way to central Copenhagen. The buses were very easy to use. Most of them had helpful screens showing the next stop and voice announcements 

Yummy bakery

I found a great website called CPH Treasures and went to Nørrebro in search of some bargains.

Quirky goodies stacked outside a church run charity shop

Gorgeous teacups and saucers inside

This is a Red Square on Nørrebrogade - for those that don't read cyrillic the sign says Moskvich

Directly opposite was the Castro Cafe

A huge by English standards fabric store - I'll go back with a less full suitcase next time and fill up on some goodies!

A shop dedicated to 1970s and 80s light fittings. Love the aluminium one just right of centre, it would be perfect over a kitchen table.

Inside another charity shop, there were lots of them.


A vintage store with dozens of light fittings as well as various other treasures


View from a cafe I stopped to rest in and the delicious BLT I tucked into.

Hobby store I found, not very exciting inside.

It was Movember and Arriva who run the busses in Copenhagen were sponsoring so some of the buses were wearing moustaches.
And best of all when I tracked down the Nørrebro Røde Kors Butik and was ecstatic to find a claque hat as a Christmas present for Alan

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