Friday, 14 January 2011

Vintage design - help needed...

I don't like to give up on projects - in fact I'll finish something even if I think it will end up in a drawer because I no longer like it. I don't know why but i just can't throw away something that I've started. However in this case I might have to admit defeat. I picked up this design from Alan's mum as she is no longer able to stitch and suggested I might be able to finish it. Except I can't as there is no chart and no threads. The chart I can get around as the photo is reasonable and whilst it would be slow to work from, I can just about make out the individual stitches. The threads are a whole different issue. I can't match them to any of my DMC threads (I have them all) or my Anchor threads (I have about half of these) so I am stumped.

Does anyone know what brand of threads were used in Golden Bee kits?

I've looked on Ebay and there are quite a few vintage Golden Bee kits but not this design (#60445) - does anyone have this design hidden in a craft room or closet, I'd be more than willing to purchase the chart or borrow and return once finished.

What the design should look like finished

The work in progress - complete with very yellow masking tape - I think this may have been put away ten years ago or perhaps even before that.


MLoosemore said...

Hi Tina,

I don't know whether you are still looking for the Golden Bee 'Poppies' Kit but I do have one if you are interested...

Mark L

Kristina said...

Hi Mark,

I found one on Ebay and have now completed this piece. Thanks for the offer

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