Tuesday, 11 January 2011

January Stitching Goals

On Cross Stitch Crazy we have an annual theme, the one voted for 2011 was to "WIP yourself into shape" - the idea to clear out some long-term WIPs. I have been doing this quietly on my own for the last couple of years and thought I had made significant progress and then....

I sorted out the crafting cupboard and saw my list of WIPs grow hugely (erf) - I have realised I will be working on the two finishes for one new start for at least this year and probably next as well if I am to continue WIP-ing myself into shape.

With this in mind I set some January goals:

1. Finish Emperor Penguins - achieved 8th January
2. Tidy out the crafting cupboard - achieved 9th January

As I completed these goals much more quickly than I'd expected I added to the list a few more goals...

3. Finish Debbie Bliss knitted toy - achieved 10th January
4. Finish Blackwork Chessboard - achieved 10th January
5. Finish Poppies
6. Finish Part 1 & 2 of Magicas Puntadas 2011 SAL
7. Finish Friendship Exchange piece - achieved 11th January

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