Tuesday, 11 January 2011

January Finishes

A fabulous start to the new year - I've now finished 4 crafty projects.

Emperor Penguins - Originally started for my son when he was totally obsessed with penguins.

Knitted Bunny - Debbie Bliss design - I can't remember who this was intended as a gift for, I found the pieces in a bag in the crafty cupboard and decided it really should be made up. I'm not thrilled by the way it turned out, the intstructions for making up weren't great (no pictures, just text) and I struggled with sewing the head and neck area together.

Blackwork Chessboard - an project inherited from Alan's mum, this was almost complete, I just had to do about three quarters of the chess pieces. As this has been folded and in a bag for more than 10 years the fabric is discoloured. I've gently washed it but the marks are still there so I'm thinking about the possibility of properly distressing it with a spray with a dye. I had thought about tea-dying it but this is acidic and the fabric would disintegrate over time. I will do some tests on some spare fabric to see what happens.

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