Tuesday, 22 June 2010

An afternoon on the farm

Last weekend was Open Farm Sunday at my friend Jo's farm and we wandered along to give moral support (and supply red wine to wind down afterwards!)

Here are the pics of cute animals - big and small

Me holding a very young chick

And a feisty gosling. This critter was only 4 days old. I saw him again 5 days later and he looked like he was almost double the size!

Two of the bunnies that were in the petting corner

Tax the pony, Catherine will be getting riding lessons again this summer :)

A not very in focus picture of a Large Red Damselfly - but at least it stayed still long enough to have his photo taken!

One of four baby hedgehogs rescued from a neighbours terrier that are being hand-reared. They weighed about 45g, were 2 weeks old and needed to be about 450-475g to be released back into the wild. At this point their eyes were still closed. They were being fed every 3-4 hours by dropper.

A couple of smooth newts from the duck pond

Do you think that he thinks the grass is greener on the other side? Either Alfie or Blanco the llama (I'm not sure which)

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