Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Am-Can Adventures - Day 3 Visit with Kristin & Drive to Washington DC

As we didn't make it as far as Kristin's house on Day 2, we called in before heading off to Washington DC. It was far too short a visit, especially as it had been 5½ years since my last visit to the USA.

Here's the trusty Sebring after a fresh coating of snow on the morning of Day 3

Kristin's house looking like a Winter Wonderland after the previous day's snowfall.

Finally two old friends reunited. And we were fed delicious chilli and rice for brunch. Sadly we had to leave before long or we would not make Washington DC, our next destination.

Tom ate Fruit Loops but he wasn't very impressed with them!

On the drive up through NC & VA we saw lots of ploughs and gritting lorries and the roads were very clear after the heavy snowfall the day before.

Welcome to Virginia!

Lunch at Denny's - edible but not inspiring.

We went past this really high expressway in Richmond - Pocohontas Parkway (State Route 895) - and of course boys with their toys, we had to double-back and pay the toll just so we could drive across it.

And just in case you think you can get away with going really fast because the police can't catch you, this sign says it all!

And finally Dinner at I-Hop before crashing at an Econo-Lodge in Fairfax VA. This was Tom's dessert and for the first time I can recall in a long time he couldn't eat everything!


Kristin said...

I am so very glad y'all stopped in. I was thrilled to meet your kids and your significant other.

Alan said...

Lol. I haven't been called a 'significant other' before. We were very glad to make it. Cheers!

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