Sunday, 30 August 2009

Hunting Dragon...


An afternoon stroll in Pamber Forest Nature reserve proved rewarding with glimpses of three dragonflies.

The first two were probably Emperor Dragonflies based on their size - approx 3" or so long and colouring. The first one was bright blue with a clearly green thorax, and a few feet away was another large dragon fly which seemed greener but was just as large (these were a male and female)

These are not my pics, i wouldn't even get a blur using my phone camera, but they do show a male Emperor dragonfly (top) and female (below)

The third dragonfly of the day was seen at a dried up pond deep into the forest, was smaller than the first two and green and black. It was identified as a Southern Hawker, mostly by it's curious character, it came right up to us, flew around us even touching us at some point and this is apparently common for this species!

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