Monday, 17 April 2017

Things got a little hectic at my house

and so I have sadly neglected my blog and for a large part my stitching too... but I'm back with lots to share with you so sit tight :)

First off is a visit to my mum in her care home - my son drove me to visit her on Mother's Day and we brought her a card and gift. Actually persuaded my mum to have her photo taken (something that she really doesn't like)

Tom & his grandmother

Me and my mum
This is not a great picture of me, my hair is a mess but I'm letting it grow out a little before the next colour treatment and hoping to fade out the blue as much as possible so I can do something crazy next time.

We were never close and barely spoke through a lot of my adulthood (actually had very little contact with any of my family) but now she has Alzheimer's I've been trying to visit as often as I can. Unfortunately she is about 40 miles away and not easily reached by public transport.

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