Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Cats of Greece & more

Every visit to Athens we see stray cats, often well fed. They are fed by people in local communities and there is an active spay and neuter scheme, however kittens are still born as not all the cats can be caught. Restaurants will often feed a cat enough to keep it in the area so it will keep rodent populations under control.

These rather handsome fellows were part of a group of four that looked so similar they were probably litter mates. They weren't overly social unless you had chicken in your hand and then they would approach cautiously.

Another trip around the Monastiraki flea market, I can't get enough of this place and its weirdness.

An evening out in Fokionis Negri, a large pedestrianized zone full of bars and restaurants (and other shops) about 10 minutes walk from the apartment we were staying in. The evenings were still warm and pleasant enough to eat out in even though it was March.

And a stop at the Max Perry chocolate shop on the way back at almost 11pm and it was still open. 

And finally some pics from inside the slightly quirky apartment. 

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