Saturday, 1 March 2014

Athens Day 7 - Varvakeios Market (not for the faint-hearted)

Varvakeios Market on Athinas street in Athens is an amazing place filled with stalls & shops selling meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, herbs, spices and more...

I went around the meat market and took some pictures. I am not sure what this is hanging up, but as there are pigs trotters for sale my guess would be some kind of pig skin. That would be a lot of crackling!!!

Once this butcher found out I was a tourist he wanted to pose to have his picture taken. He was very proud of his stall and particularly the cows head hanging behind him.

Skinned sheeps heads arranged to tempt you. Not sure what they would tempt you to eat.

More sheep carcasses, these ones have the liver etc still attached.

Again more sheep carcasses. Some cuts were artfully arranged with an impressive meat cleaver on a butcher's block. All of the stalls had solid looking butcher's blocks.

 This stall sold pork, including the pig head and suckling pigs

Apologies for the blurry picture but this is a crate of skinned sheep heads

Around the corner from the meat market was a pet store. There were some handsome parrots in the window.

And some cute puppies. My Westie Charlie had died shortly before this trip and I fell in love with the Westie puppy. Sadly I don't think I could dognap him and put him in my luggage.

From the meat market I went to the fish market. I thought I would not be able to walk around this market as I don't like the smell of fish. However, this place didn't smell very strongly of fish because everything for sale was so fresh.

A stall selling squid and octopus. I've eaten both and thought they were tasty but not sure I could eat a whole portion. I think both squid and octopus would need to be cooked gently or they could end up very rubbery.

This stall sold bream and the red fish with it's fins stuck up was called Scorpion Fish.

This stall was beautifully arranged.

Some gorgeous mackerel.

A crate of crabs.

Another beautifully arranged stall with oranges dotted around between the fish.

Enormous shrimps. The flat fish with stripes is bream.

Some interesting little fish. I don't know what they are.

Later on we found a quirky shop in Plaka, aimed at tourists. Some fabulous statues of Gods and philosphers.

And these amazing tee-shirts.

 Fabulous lamp.

 Helmets with various adornments. I am not sure how Alan left this shop without buying something.

More statues of Gods and philosophers.

And later that evening, dinner outside. We met the restaurant cat. Most of the restaurants adopt a stray cat or two as they are efficient rodent control.

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