Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Centre Square Junk Shop - Athens Day 3... Just Wow...

This shop is like a giant game of jenga or pick up sticks combined with a treasure hunt. There is so much stuff on three floors that I didn't take pictures of. I love it and went back 4 or 5 times this trip to nose around as every time you go in, you find something new...

A boat, I only wish I had a bathroom big enough to put this boat in. How many interesting things can you spot in the pictures?

A gramaphone... a telescope... two vases balanced precariously on top of one another

More random stacking. Cabinets are dotted around the place filled with trinkets. I feel like I am in the BBC props department.

Costumes and chandeliers hang from the ceilings. Another cabinet of doo-dads. Lamps and part of the stash of plates and crockery.

Missing a plate from that dinner set? Chances are you could find one here

Glassware, from champagne flutes to goblets. And another cabinet of treasures.

Tea party anyone? Again you can see the random balancing with the babies crib on top of breakables.
You walk carefully and slowly through this shop, but you will always find something you love.

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Katla said...

Oh, I would just die going into a shop like this! I saw oodles I would want to buy. Keep the photos coming :)

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