Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Athens Day 4 - Kolokotroni Street

The wonders of Google had told me that there was a wool shop on Kolokotroni Street which wasn't far from our hotel so I decided to wander down. 
 I found not one wool shop but three -  
 In this one I found some silk threads that were made by House Tsiakiri in Soufli, Evros, Greece. The shop only had six colours in stock so I had one of each for 21,5 Euros.

 Bought some sock wool in this one for my Beekeepers Quilt that I plan to start eventually.

Bought two more balls of sock wool in this shop for the quilt as well.

 On my next visit I'll be thinking of what patterns I want to make and I'll buy some more wool.

The lady in the first shop was really helpful. She told me that the district around Kolokotroni Street had lots of fabric shops so I went wandering. This is what I found...

Shop after shop selling fabric from the bolt. They bring bolts of fabric out every morning to show their wares and put them away again in the evening. Most of these shops are small family run enterprises but they have fabulous stock. In central Athens the shops that sell one kind of product seem to be in separate areas, so you can find the fabric quarter, the jewellery quarter etc. I found one street near Kolokotroni where 5 shops were selling boxes of various kinds, from jewellery boxes to hat boxes.

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