Monday, 13 January 2014

Goodies from Copenhagen, Liberty of London and Benefit

I'm so spoilt. On my trip to Copenhagen I was given some Danish Krone to spend how I pleased. I had great fun crusing the vintage, thrift and charity stores there and found some lovely crafting goodies.
Calendars produced by the Danish Handcrafts Guild, there is a design theme for each book and charts for each month inside.
1964 Flowers by Gerda Bengtsson
1967 Copenhagen by Ida Winckler & Gerda Bengtsson
1969 Birds in trees by Else Thordur Hansen
1982 Samplers by Ida Winckler

A couple of finished table runners with gorgeous hand stitched Hardanger

A bag of antique lace

Some hearts for Valentine's day 

Danish Flower Thread and a packet of antique John James needles

And I bought a knitting nancy in Panduro Hobby as I've wanted to try this again for a long time

And on the flip side, after Alan's Christmas do on January 10th, we stayed in a nice hotel so we didn't have to travel back late at night and went shopping the next day at Carnaby Street and Liberty of London

Who wouldn't benefit from this?

Bought at Waterloo Station on the way home. I need to make more socks as they keep my feet so warm.

And two remnants from Liberty, one gorgeous peacock colour print and one dynamic print that is coated so I'm going to use it to make sandwich wrappers probably.

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