Friday, 12 July 2013

Thursday Finishing Frenzy - 12th July

First gather your materials, I chose two toning fabrics, ribbon and a wooden button to make a book bag from this Brightneedle design stitched over 1 on linen

Cut your fabric pieces, I used the following:
2 strips of light fabric to go on the bottom of the bag (back & front) 23cm x 7½cm
1 piece of light fabric 23cm x 14cm to make the main part of the back of the bag
2 strips of dark fabric to go on the bottom of the bag (back & front) 23cm x 7½cm
2 pieces of dark fabric to make the lining 23cm x 29cm
2 pieces of dark fabric to make the handles 23cm x 5cm

Iron all the pieces of fabric

Pin the light strip and the dark strip, right sides facing, in place on to the stitched piece and sew together along the bottom & top edge

Iron the piece again, repeat the pinning and stitching with the back piece. Pin the two lining pieces right side together and stitch together along three sides, leaving the top open

Fold the two handle pieces right sides together and sew together on the long edge, turn right side out and iron flat

Place the lining, inside out around the bag with the right sides together, handles pinned in place. Sew together around the top edge leaving a gap of about 2-3" open

Pull the bag right way out through the gap, iron again

Add a ribbon to wrap around a button and sew the opening shut with small hand stitches. Sew on a button and it's all done 

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Anonymous said...


Just found your lovely blog.
A great tutorial and the finished think is beautiful!
Have a good weekend (:

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