Thursday, 4 July 2013

A few essential new purchases in the house recently

Firstly my old petrol lawn mower finally vibrated itself to death and a rather crucial bit fell off (the fuel tank) so we decided to invest in a new one. Here is Alan trying it out on my meadow (sorry lawn). I can just about start it myself which is good news as sometimes he's away and the grass needs cutting

Second new (well new to us) purchase was a sofa and two armchairs from the local Community Furniture Project as the ones we had were well past comfortable.
Here's Tom & Alan sitting on the old leather recliner in the garden. When it was moved some of the springs fell out the bottom - no wonder it was uncomfortable.

And here's my very empty living room, I took advantage of the emptiness and the carpet was shampooed and is now a bit more respectable

And finally here's the room all back together with the new furniture.


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