Tuesday, 7 February 2012

It was Wicked!

No really it was... Alan took me to see Wicked! at the Victoria Apollo Theatre in London.
Totally awesome show and highly recommended if you get a chance to see it. 

Not many picks but here's the stage with the awesome Dragon at the top, representing the Dragon Time Clock that features more in the book.

We stepped out of the theatre about 10:30pm to this - a snow-covered London - and a chilly, slippery walk between theatre and underground, underground and hotel. It was beautiful though.

Awakened early in the morning - well 9am - with an announcement that the "staff were investigating an alarm condition but no action was necessary yet" - we wandered down for a lush buffet breakfast: fruit salad, organic yoghurt, cooked breakfast, juice & coffee.

By lunch time we were back on the train to Basingstoke and on our way home. There wasn't very much snow at home, but took this pic from the window of the train as we zoomed through the countryside.

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Susan said...

I loved Wicked! I was lucky enough to be a driver/chaperone for my son's high school choir trip to San Francisco to see the show. It was my first time to go see anything like a Broadway (off-broadway?) musical, and I would go again in a hot second!

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