Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New Year in Wheaton Aston

We piled in the big green (not so green) vehicle to Wheaton Aston to celebrate New Year with Alan's mum. We took food, champagne and chinese lanterns with us - determined to see the 2012 in properly.
Firstly there was some dressing up (as I haven't had a chance to wear this dress in the two years I've owned it) My purple hair has faded to a dusky lilac but will have to be dyed brown for work soon anyway.
 Alan in his New Year waistcoat.

  Cat in her Japanese sailor girl style dress

 Tom, who doesn't do dressing up...

 Alan with the soon to be lit Chinese lanterns

 The lighting ceremony!

 Waiting for the lantern to heat up before releasing it.

A successful launch

 Up, up and away

A not so successful launch, we aborted the operation due to high winds and decided to try again on January 1st.

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