Saturday, 28 January 2012

Finishing Frenzy - 10th Project

Oh I'm on a roll these days with the finishing doo-dads. I looked at these two an thought they belonged together. They are from a squares exchange that I took part in years ago. My theme was "British Wildlife" - caused some issues with my overseas pals (oops, I got better at choosing RR themes as time went on)

I found a fat quarter that picks out the blue of the rabbit square and then left it on the kitchen table all afternoon whilst I figured out what to do with them. I settled on some offset patchwork to make a small wall hanging. I didn't use the buttons I dug out and I couldn't figure out where to put them! I know the patches aren't quite square, I've only done a little patchwork so I'm still learning.

There are a bunch more squares for these swap that I still have to do things with. Looking forward to having my Craft Room eventually so that I can put a lot of these out on display.

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