Tuesday, 3 January 2012

2011 Stitching Round Up

I set some pretty ambitious goals for last year and I'm pleased to see I achieved almost everything I wanted to get done. This was despite not being able to stitch for a good part of the year due to my sore shoulder. Thankfully that is on the mend now so I'm looking forward to a year with less pain and being able to do more.

I wanted to finish these 10 projects and managed to finish all of them:

1. Emperor Penguins (CS) - Finished 8th Jan
2. Debbie Bliss Bunny Toy (K) - Finished 9th Jan
3. Blackwork Chessboard (CS) - Finished 10th Jan
4. Funky Sox (K) - Finished 16th Jan
5. Autumn Sox (K) - Finished 22nd Jan
6. Herbie the Hermit Crab (K) - Finished 24th Jan
7. Midsummer Night's Fairy (CS) - Finished 5th Feb
8. Stitchers Make the Best Friends (CS) - Finished 11th Jan
9. Magicas Puntadas SAL 2011 (CS) - Finished 9th Nov
10. Poppies Kit by Golden Bee (CS) - Finished 23rd Oct
I wanted to get these 3 projects half finished - I finished two and the third is now 60% complete:
1. Noro Blossom Cardigan (K) - Finished 13th Feb 
2. Earth Dragon (CS)  - Achieved 15th Nov
3. Kimono (S) - Finished 13th Feb

I wanted to stitch on these 9 projects before the year end - I worked on only 5 of them:

1. Cathay project (K)
2. DMC Linea Bracelet (S) - Finished November 21st
3. Coffee Table Runner (S)
4. Blumen in Raster (CS)
5. Four Horses of the Apocalypse (CS)
6. Celtic Spring (CS)
7. Spot of Summer (CS)
8. Winterhaven (CS)
9. I think... (CS)

 And I managed to finish 18 projects in total:
  1. Our House is Filled with Love (CS)
  2. Emperor Penguins (CS)
  3. Debbie Bliss Bunny Toy (K)
  4. Blackwork Chessboard (CS) 
  5. Stitchers Make The Best of Friends (CS) 
  6. Funky Sox (K) 
  7. Autumn Sox (K)
  8. Herbie the Hermit Crab (K) 
  9. Midsummer Night's Fairy (CS) 
  10. Bird Heart (CS)  
  11. Noro Blossom "Eloise" Cardigan (K)
  12. Kimono Costume for Hallowe'en (S)
  13. Kind and True (CS)
  14. Quaker Needlebook(CS)
  15. Poppies Kit by Golden Bee (CS)
  16. Magicas Puntadas Romantic Sampler SAL (CS)
  17. Christmas Ornament for 2011 CSC Exchange (CS)
  18. DMC Linea bracelet (S)

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