Thursday, 8 December 2011

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation - End Day 1

 The existing kitchen has been ripped out - all the cupboards, worktops, tiles and floor are gone. I'm left with my cooker, washing machine (disconnected) and a temporary sink freestanding in the room.

 This is the other wall - the electricians came the next day and made even more mess but the results weren't that exciting - a new fuse box, new sockets etc. No flash was used in these pics so they colours are off.

 Behind some of the original units - there was some grimy and very old snippets of wallpaper. The house was constructed in 1948 so I suspect this was some of the original decor before fitted kitchens were the norm - you can see similar bold coloured wallpapers reproduced today by Bradbury & Bradbury - so tempting to get something like this once kids have moved out and walls won't be subject to so much wear.

More fragments of wallpaper - wish it was possible to match this somehow to a brand/pattern

Another snippet of wallpaper, this looks like a garden/sea view - love the block print

On top was some later wallpaper, this I think is 1950s - much more geometric/abstract than the earlier paper - these will all be covered up tomorrow. You can buy repro 50s wallpaper from Bradbury & Bradbury also amongst other stores

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