Sunday, 2 January 2011

How my stitching went in 2010

I set myself some pretty ambitious goals at the beginning of 2010 - I was trying for another year to clear some more of my long-standing and very patient WIPs

Here's how I ended the year

Finish These Projects:
1. Peacock Stitching Chair - Finished! smiley: happy
2. Wild Menagerie - Finished! smiley: happy
3. Pam Kellogg's Christmas Mystery - Finished! smiley: happy

Get the following projects to 75%:
1. Sweet Summer Sampler - Finished! smiley: happy
2. Flamenco Dancer - Finished! smiley: happy
3. Earth Dragon - only achieved 22% smiley: frown

Get the following projects to 50%:
1. Midsummer Night's Dream - only achieved 31% smiley: frown
2. DMC Teddy Bear - Finished! smiley: happy
3. Emperor Penguins - achieved 75% :) smiley: happy

Get the following projects to 25%:
1. Four Horses of the Apocalypse - only achieved 6% smiley: frown
2. Celtic Spring - only achieved 4% smiley: frown
3. Blumen in Raster - only achieved 8% smiley: frown

I met or exceeded 7 of my 12 goals so considering my shoulder injury and surgery I think I had a fabulous year. My goals for 2011 will probably be a little less ambitious as I'm still recovering.

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