Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Tom, Enrolment Day and something he said...

Took Tom to enrol at Queen Mary's College today and he's now all set to start his 5 A/S Level courses on 9th September - Maths (Decision Making), Electronics, Physics, Computing & Economics.

We toured the library, the IT department, spoke to the Skills Centre about his needs. The college is going to do a fresh assessment of Tom that will apparently still be valid when he goes to University and will make sure he gets any help he needs with exams (extra time, a quiet room, a laptop or a scribe etc)

As we left the IT department which I thought was our last stop of the day, Tom decided he had to make sure everything was done so we headed back the way we came in to find someone for him to check with. We get back to the main reception that was set up for enrolment and he walks up to this lady and says:

"You look like someone important..."

Cue mum: snorts of laughter

Lady: "Well not really but I will try to help"

A classic moment in parenting an Asperger's teen. And I've learnt a new technique to get someone to pay attention and help you!

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