Thursday, 11 February 2010

Am-Can Adventures - Day 5 Stitching Shops & Driving to NJ

The fifth day and we decided we would have a quiet-ish start to the day and head over to two local stitching shops and then make our way to north New Jersey to meet up with Margaret and possibly Megan.

The first stop, Needlewoman East in Falls Church had a great selection of fibres but not so many cross stitch charts, they seem to have concentrated more on Needlepoint since I was last there. I bought Quaker Diamonds by Rosewood Manor here.

Lovely fibres in Needlewoman East...

Then on to In Stitches in Alexandria which was awesome. I could only dream of having a shop half as good as this near me! And if I could run my own shop it would be like this. So many fibres and charts that I really didn't want to leave. I bought the threads for Quaker Diamonds here (Valdani Perle) and I'm looking forward to starting that project one day soon.

Leaving Virginia and heading to Maryland - state #6 on our tour

We drove under Baltimore harbour through this tunnel which is over 2.3km long

As you can see it has two quite narrow lanes but that doesn't seem to slow people down much!

Entering Pennsylvania - State #7

Philadelphia - The City of Brotherly Love. We didn't stop here, but somehow ended up going into Philadelphia instead of past it and then back out again.

Finally the Comfort Suites Inn at Mahwah New Jersey - too late to meet both Margaret & Megan but plans to meet tomorrow after our day in New York. Beds were gorgeous, huge and comfortable and breakfast in the morning was amazing, but more about that in the next blog post.


The Pegster said...

Thanks for the update. Even the cross stitch shops somehow seem more 'grand'.

Kristin said...

Oh lucky you. Seeing wonderful people and visiting wonderful stitchy shops.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

I've enjoyed the journey with you! Don't you love DC? I've been many time, and feel I've only scratched the surface.

Meg said...

I believe you were taking I-95, weren't you? Then you actually had another state you didn't mention - Delaware! It's in between Maryland and Pennsylvania, and you're only in it for about fifteen minutes on I-95, but it counts. Also, In Stitches is awesome. I always stop by when I'm in DC.

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