Sunday, 9 August 2009

Arriving in Winchester - 25-07-2009

First views of the Cathedral, where we intended to go first of all. In the foreground can be seen stones set out to show the site of the original Saxon church at Winchester.

West front.

Unfortunately the cathedral was to be closed in 30 mins for a wedding so we decided to wander elsewhere first and return to the Cathedral later. This picture is included to show off yet another example of hideous bridesmaid dresses. If you spend enough money to get married in the Cathedral, is it still necessary to humiliate the bridesmaids with such tacky dresses. The marshmallow puffs at the bottom appeared to be made of pink and white tulle, which they also wore as a wrap around their shoulders.

The house in which Jane Austen died, which whilst we wanted to visit, almost walked past without noticing...

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