Sunday, 12 April 2009

words, words, words..

demesne: Land retained by a lord for his own use; royal demesne was the land retained by the king.

empyrean: The region of pure light and fire; the highest heaven, where the pure element of fire was supposed by the ancients to exist: the same as the ether, the ninth heaven according to ancient astronomy; of the sky or the heavens; celestially refined

flitch: fish steak usually cut from a halibut; salted and cured abdominal wall of a side of pork ; A stack of boards or sheets of veneer sawn from the same log and remaining in the order in which they were cut.

deliquesence: the formation of a solution by the absorption of moisture from the air

mountebank: A charlatan (also called swindler) is a person practicing quackery or some similar confidence trick in order to obtain money or advantage via some form of pretence or deception.

Malleus Maleficarum: Latin for "Hammer Against Witches", a medieval text written by Dominican friars Jakob Sprenger and Heinrich Kramer, and published in 1486, to provide rules for identifying and trying witches.

incunabulum: An incunabulum is a book, single sheet, or image that was printed -- not handwritten -- before the year 1501 in Europe.

scarabee: Rich, brilliant iris coating, usually over jet glass.

fylfot: A weapon of Thor, like the Swastika, or the Jaina, the four-footed cross ; generally called “Thor’s Hammer”

gammadion: A swastika, named after its composition from four Gamma letters

thaumaturgical: Relating to thaumaturgy, magical

and the book is finished, so that means I'm at 90 points !

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Alan said...

marvellous words and marvellous progress - I think I might need to read that book too, challenge or no

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