Thursday, 2 April 2009

Spring Book Challenge Update 2...

Most recent updates are in GREEN

I scored 15 points for a task

8. Get To Know The Author - Read a book by an author AND then either attend a reading by that author OR read/listen to an interview with that author. Finished I Like It Here by Kingsley Amis & listened to a radio interview with the author.

1. KAREN’S TASK - As we are all totally completely addicted to GR (Goodreads), let's read…
- A book which title starts with the letter G AND
- A book which title starts with the letter R.
- Books like The Gargoyle or A Raisin In the Sun – that have titles beginning with A OR THE followed by a G or R word are acceptable for this task. Nothing selected for this one yet

2. EL’s TASK - Read a Non-Fiction book ABOUT OR A DIARY written by one of the noted diarists on This List who lived prior to the 1900’s. NO FICTION BOOKS FOR THIS TASK!! I have ordered a book - The Diaries of Charles Greville

3. ANGELA’S TASK - Look for your first post in the Official Spring Challenge. Once you find it, look at the person below you and go to their profile and pick TWO books to read off of their shelves. If their profile is listed as private, go to the person below that person. To be updated, I have posted to the Challenge thread - Elizabeth-Alaska The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini & Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen

4. ROS’ TASK - Read a book that’s on the big reads list. I picked one we had on our bookshelf at home, 1984 by George Orwell, I will read it when I've read the other ones here (unless my amazon order arrives)

5. BONNIE’S TASK - Read a book outside your normal genre(s). Example: Bonnie usually reads YA, fantasy, nonfiction and classics so she'd have to read short stories, plays, mysteries, etc. I am going to read the first book in the Discworld series as I haven't read much Sci-Fi and my kids rate Terry Pratchett The Colour of Magic

6. JON’S TASK - H.M. Queen Elizabeth II is 83 on April 21st, read a Non-Fiction book of at least 400 pages relating in some way to the British Monarchy past or present. Write a short Goodreads review and post a copy on the Spring challenge thread. I bought a book today - Elizabeth by Phillip Starkey

7. DARLA'S TASK - Read a book you've either seen in a movie or heard referenced in a movie. I bought J D Salinger's Catcher in the Rye today, it was prominently featured in Conspiracy Theory. I am starting this one tonight. Have started this one

8. CASSIE'S TASK - For her friend Melissa (who told her about goodreads and is a YA Librarian): Read two young adult novels. Catherine my daughter has given me two books to read - Tamora Pierce's Wolf Speaker & Wild Magic

9. SARA'S TASK - Read a book that has a title of 12 or more words I have ordered a book for this one "The River at the Centre of the World: A Journey Up the Yangtze, and Back in Chinese Time" by Simon Winchester

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