Thursday, 26 March 2009


No silly puns from me, but pics from a walk around some of the nearby countryside (7½ miles approx) on Sat 22nd March....

One very messy dog :)

Getting messier!!!

Almost there now...

Sitting on the wall in the picture above (marked 1 in the map below)

Part of the wall (which took 10 yrs to make) from the outside of the old town

And after walking around the outside of the walls, the Roman amphitheatre - it's believed they held gladiatorial fights here though no human remains were found. It used to have wooden tiered seats around the outside and two small chambers either side. (Marked 2 on the map below)

And for anyone who wants to follow in our footsteps here's the route we took (the red bits are detours when we got a bit creative LOL)

It's been a few years since I went to the walls at Silchester and I am always in awe that something still stands after 1700-1800 years. There was an archeological dig of part of the town a few years back which I visited and was fascinating.

More info can be found at these links:
University of Reading - Calleva Project
Roman Britain - Calleva Atrebatum
BBC History - Calleva Atrebatum
Wikipedia - Calleva Atrebatum
The Roman Town of Calleva

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Velda said...

I completely enjoyed this entry, I LOVE old stuff!

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