Monday, 6 October 2008

Well what can i say, back at work, home at 7:40 tonight. Tired but glad to be back in many ways. I miss it when I'm not there because it does keep me on my toes. When I left work on Tuesday I had 57 customers to look after, there were 5 new ones when I turned up today.

More importantly and somewhat scary - the other girl that worked in the Commercial Finance department has left and that means I'll have 112 customers to look after!!!! At least until we get new staff and as there is a recruitment freeze on (credit crunch means that all the banks are looking at ways to cut costs) this situation doesn't look set to change until the New Year.

Consequence is that my stitching time is likely to be close to zero most days/weeks so there won't be that many stitching updates from me. However it is an opportunity to show how I can cope under pressure, and hopefully will contribute to my end of year review/grade and mean a bonus in February (if there is a bonus this year and that's looking less likely as the weeks go on)

As the saying goes "What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger" - wonder where that comes from???

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Kristin said...

Good luck with it all Tina! That's an awful lot of customers to manage.

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