Saturday, 13 September 2008

Spider Pig....

well spider hamster anyway. I was cleaning out Catherine's hamster so I put Brandy in the spare cage whilst I worked on her Rotostak Jungle (the thing is a nightmare to take apart and put back together - Krypton Factor reborn)

Whilst I was finishing filling up with new bedding I noticed the hamster getting a bit athletic. I missed the first time she did this and failed but this time I caught her on film. I think her name should be Houdini (please note the old cage is broken so there is a gap big enough for her to squeeze out which is why I put her next to me when I'm cleaning out her cage)

Step 1: Stretch a bit

Step 2: Defy gravity

Step 3: Squeeze!

Step 4: Freedom!

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Kristin said... about determination!

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