Tuesday, 30 September 2008

sicker than the proverbial dog...

I even asked to leave work early, though by the time I got to go it was 4:45 which I suppose isn't that early for most people but it's early for me as I'm usually working until 6 or 6:30

Went to Tesco, picked up ready made lasagne so that even Tom could cook dinner and when I got home I went to bed until 9-ish. Just had my dinner (kids ate earlier because Tom did manage to cook the lasagne). Cat had to dish up and told me she managed to get some in the toaster, so that's going to be interesting to try to clean out tomorrow.

Last night Cat burnt her hand helping to dish up dinner so she's off the cleaning rota for at least a week. Bless she has blisters on two fingers and a thumb from grabbing a saucepan handle that Tom had turned around over the gas ring. Hate seeing my baby hurt.

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Kristin said...

Hope Cat's hand heals quickly and you feel better ASAP.

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