Tuesday, 23 September 2008

A post is long overdue

as i was reminded earlier by a Certain Someone. We are going to a concert soon to see this guy sing with Queen (at the O2 arena in London) and can't wait. I pretty sure they are going to play this song but i really hope they do. It's a real rock classic.


Velda said...

Alright...............ugh........as your fellow stitchy music lover, he's good.....(but needs to dress more the part, voice is fab!) ----but have you ever seen Mig Ayesa sing QUEEN? http://www.mig-music.com/index.cfm

I intend to see/hear a FULL update! enjoy honey!

tina said...

LOL V, that is the legendary Paul Rodgers of Free :)

Alan said...

Coooooool! I love that song! I didn't know he was the guy (maybe you said already but I wasn't QUITE so interested then)

Can't wait myself - been AGES since I've seen anyone live

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