Sunday, 14 September 2008

New York, New York

A Certain Someone has landed in New York. Wish I was there too, so many places I could visit in the Big Apple

On my wish list would be:
  • The Empire State Building
  • The Statue of Liberty
  • Grand Central Station (this has been in so many movies!)
  • The Museum of Modern Art
  • The Guggenheim
  • Ellis Island
  • Ride the Staten Island Ferry (another regular movie moment)
  • Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art
  • Saks 5th Avenue
  • Bloomingdales (a girl has to shop)
  • Times Square
  • UN Headquarters
and the list could go on and on.. but at the moment I'm only dreaming

* and i'll admit this list is probably a little predictable and i might find some more unusual places to visit if i really was going to NYC

Edited to add: if i really was going to NYC you can bet that I'd be arranging to meet up with my dear friend Margaret (i didn't miss you off the list, I was thinking places rather than people.. maybe i'd get to meet Miss V too!)


Kristin said...

I'd love to go back up to NYC again. Its been so long since I've been there. I had the best time wandering through the odd little shops there.

Alan said...

I like being a Certain Someone. And in Capitals too! That's a pretty good list, just have to get the order right.

Margaret said...

Ummmmm you left off something you'd do.

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