Monday, 8 September 2008

Moving day today

Not house, but desk.. today I start work at my new desk on the 8th Floor. I started on the 6th so I guess you could say that my career is moving onwards and upwards!

There are a few good things about this move
  • I'm right next to the Learning Quarter so I have easy access to all the course materials and books
  • The floor we are on has less people so stays cooler and it's quieter
  • We are away from Medium Business who consistently don't meet their targets and rely on on Large Corporate to pick up the pieces towards the end of the month after we've met ours
  • It's easier to develop a closer working relationship with the Relationship Assistants and Relationship Directors I work with every day
Today we also had a training session on giving Feedback (both Supportive and Corrective) which I found useful, plus I got the chance twice to stand in front of people and talk (10 people, good practice for skills I might need later as my career progresses)

I signed up on Friday for a course called ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) - I probably know most of the syllabus but there are parts that will be new to me, especially PowerPoint and Access. Again skills I might need further along my career path.

I may even get to stitch in a bit, but cooking dinner for me and the children and it's already 8:30pm - sometimes working until 6:30 every night sucks.


Alan said...

definitely onwards and upwards. and GLAD to hear you are away from Mediocre Business (as you must now always refer to them)

Kristin said...

Glad things seem to be going so well for you Tina!

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